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Capital Timeshare Mentions a Few Fun Things to Do in Saint Maarten With Family


Saint Maarten offers a wealth of fun experiences and activities for adults and children alike. Hence, planning a trip to this island with Capital Timeshare would be a great way to enjoy a family holiday. Right from visiting water parks and going snorkeling to checking out historic forts and indulging in duty-free shopping, there is a long list of things to Saint Maarten.

Capital Timeshare underlines a few amazing things to do and places to visit at Saint Maarten with family

Loterie Farm is the only private nature reserve in Saint Maarten, and a perfect place to enjoy with the entire family. One can go for a hike in the tropical rainforest here, and get the chance to find a couple of monkeys, and even charming blue or tiger striped butterflies that fly around the mahogany trees. This eco-park provides two-zipline rides, the Fly Zone and the Extreme Fly Zone, which are perfect for thrill seekers. It is important to pack decent footwear to complete the climbing and hiking part of the ride. For kids between the ages of 5 and 7, the Loterie Farm provides a special Ti-Tarzan Obstacle Course that is complete with cables, suspension bridges and swinging ropes.

Butterfly Farm is another amazing place at Saint Maarten that every member of a family, especially the kids, are sure to love. Located on Le Galion Beach Road, this butterfly farm might be small in size but is quite a popular tourist spot. Guests can wander through this netted open-air park that features butterfly-friendly plants, small waterfalls and several species of dancing butterflies. The guides here are always ready to explain the life cycle of the insect, from chrysalis to caterpillar to butterfly, in an informative tour. This tour would be a great way for the kids to expand their knowledge, while also having fun on a holiday.

When planning a family trip to Saint Maarten with Capital Timeshare, people must not forget to visit the village of Grand Case. Due to its inexpensive food and kid-approved beach, it is among the most popular family destinations at Saint Maarten. Its waterfront has a long wooden pier that is ideal for giant leaps into the calm, warm and tranquil waters, along with a soft white sand beach. Subsequent to spending relaxing mornings at the beach, families can head over to one of the popular waterfront Lolo shacks of Saint Maarten. These shacks have been a tradition of the island, and have been here for generations. It is common to find tourists and locals sharing picnic tables while enjoying seafood, chicken and BBQ ribs.

Rhino Safari excursions provide guided trip across the Simpson Bay Lagoon on inflatable boats, enabling vacationers to check out a range of sites on the island in a unique way. They will move through protected waters to Creole Rock in the National Nature Reserve of the island, and even get the chance to go snorkeling. This tour is perfect for anyone with kids ages 3 and up. However, to drive their own boat, one has to be at least 18 years old.

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