Hillandale Farms Underlines the Utensils Needed to Make an Omelette


No matter whether one prefers their omelette rolled or folded in half, making an omelette from scratch at home is very easy, as long as people have certain basic ingredients and tools at home. Along with fresh eggs from farms like Hillandale Farms, one would need some simple utensils and a few easy techniques to make omelettes like a pro.

Hillandale Farms talks about the basic utensils needed to make an omelette

Preparing an omelette does not have to be complicated. In fact, it is among the simplest yet wholesome dishes one can make for breakfast. However, one would need a few basic tools or utensils to make this dish, like a pan, spatula, whisk, and bowl. Almost all of these items can be found in any kitchen.

There are many cookware stores that sell pans particularly designed for preparing omelettes. However, it is not necessary to buy them. Just about any round pan that has gently sloping sides will work well for preparing omelets. Additionally, while one does not need a non-stick pan to make omelets, they would surely find it easier to cook the recipe in one. If one does properly heat a regular pan, and uses an adequate amount of oil or butter for coating, the eggs are unlikely to stick while making omelets.

The best size for the pan depends on how many eggs one plans to cook. When just cooking for one person, a 7- to 10-inch pan will be sufficient. On the other hand, if one is making omelets for the whole family or a frittata that requires between six and 12 eggs, it is important to use a bigger, 10- to 12-inch pan. Regardless of its size, it is vital to use a round pan with curved edges for the dish to make turning the omelette easier.

When it comes to the spatula, the type one uses would depend on the pan. Hence, if one is cooking with a nonstick pan, they need to avoid metal spatulas as they can scratch the delicate coating. It is better to go for a plastic or silicone spatula instead. Metal utensils would be ideal for any standard cookware.

For a whisk, any model would do, as long as it fits into the bowl used for stirring the eggs in. The whisk should be size appropriate to break up and mix the eggs properly. If one does not have a whisk at home, they can use a fork as well. But a fork has to be stirred longer than a whisk to thoroughly break up the yolks and combine them with the whites.

Like any other dish, the more practice one gets at making omelettes, the easier it becomes to make them impeccably. Hence, one should get fresh eggs from farms like Hillandale Farms, and stock their kitchen with the tools and ingredients needed to make an omelette, in order to try out this dish at their home. A wholesome omelette is likely to be loved by all members of a family.