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“I don’t know what to wear”: How to dress today?


Even among fashionistas, knowing how to dress in the morning to go to work or for a date can be a real headache. Between the difficulties getting out of bed and the lack of inspiration to put together your outfit in a few minutes, being comfortable all day long is far from easy. So know that with a few little tricks, Loela.fr helps you get dressed quickly and well in the morning. How to dress today without leaving aside your tastes and style of dress?

Prepare your outfit the night before

The first tip to consider for how to dress in the morning is to prepare your outfit the night before, before going to bed. It is a sort of “school bag” method that parents are used to imposing on children. The idea is therefore to prepare everything in the evening to know how to dressand not forget anything the next day, but above all, to gain a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning at the same time as serenity. By adopting this technique, you will calmly compose your outfit for the next day, without the fuss. You will have enough time to see how to associate the pieces of clothing with each other, in order to obtain a result that is both stylish, elegant and above all comfortable. Of course, what you plan to do during the day and your activity will influence the composition of your outfit. If necessary, after having chosen the appropriate pieces of clothing, do not hesitate to do a few quick fittings that will help you know how to dress, preferably with jewelry, shoes and accessories to validate your choices, and see if the whole is harmonious. To save even more time, when you have found the ideal combo, consider placing the outfit directly on an armchair. This will avoid having to search for each piece again in your dressing room and in your drawers. The next day, all you have to do is slip into your clothes, without wasting time wondering how to dress .

Consider the circumstances

To know how to dressin the morning, you must also take into account the circumstances of your day. In other words, you will dress according to what awaits you during the day. For reference, a working girl outfit in darts with a blouse and a fitted jacket will be more suitable for the office and professional meetings than faded jeans worn with a printed T-shirt and sneakers, or an elegant dress and dressed that will be more suitable for a romantic date. Even staying at home all day, there is no point in staying in pajamas. Take the time to find a comfortable, yet stylish outfit, in joggers with pockets and a tracksuit that will bring a minimum of style. As surprising as it is, the day of the week will also help you know how to dress.On Monday, you will wear, among other things, a feminine outfit with a long-sleeved top, a midi skirt and pumps. At the end of the week, the outfit will be much more casual, especially with 7/8 trousers, a flowing, printed blouse and flat leather moccasin shoes. Also, don’t forget to ask about the weather. It would simply be a shame to go out in flowing dresses and openwork sandals in freezing rain.

Wardrobe basics

Wardrobe basics are invaluable allies if you have no idea how to dress in the morning. These are both simple and effective pieces of clothing that perfectly suit your body type and that suit you perfectly. The idea will therefore be to play the safety card, by creating a zero-defect look. For example, you can trust the famous white shirt which, moreover, is a must for going to work as well as for finding out how to dress .. You should know that this type of clothing can be worn in a thousand and one ways. The look ideas are endless. You will associate it with, among other things, a pencil skirt that elegantly highlights your figure, with a flounced skirt to bring a touch of fantasy to the outfit, high-waisted shorts and opaque tights for a fresh and modern look, or simply with your favorite jeans for a casual and comfortable look. Also know that by simply rolling up its sleeves, you break the ordinary and classic side of your outfit. The denim piece is also a safe bet that will help you create a variety of looks with ease.

How to dress with one-piece clothes?

One-piece garments are also real fashion allies in case of lack of inspiration on how to dress in the morning. This time it’s about pieces that are almost self-sufficient like the jumpsuit which comes in a variety of colors and cuts on Loela.fr, the dress or the trouser suit and jacket. With this type of clothing, you won’t need to think about what other pieces you should pair them with. Of course, to wake up the outfit and ensure that your look is modern, original and stylish at the same time, you must accessorize them. It is still obvious that by wearing them alone, your look may be bland and characterless. To know how to dresswith a beautiful jumpsuit with a close fit, put on a nice belt that marks the waist, high-heeled shoes and a stylish clutch, or opt for your long dress with a necklace or a layering of jewels . In the morning, a simple cuff or a bib necklace saves you from clothing laziness.

The favorite outfit can also save you during the mornings during which you have difficulty knowing how to dressfor the day.

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