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The ideal oriental rug, how to choose it?


The oriental rug is a decorative object that will seduce you with its atypical charm, to which one cannot remain indifferent. However, if you plan to offer it to yourself, it is essential to be well informed about its specificities and characteristics, in order to make the right choice.

Good to know about the oriental rug

By oriental rug, we mean any hand-woven rug , in wool, silk, or cotton, from eastern countries such as Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan or even India. In this part of the world, the manufacture of this decorative object is a real tradition, dating back thousands of years. Many craftsmen devote themselves to it and compete in ingenuity to create rugs that fit into different styles of decoration, ranging from the most traditional to contemporary .

Some types of oriental rugs and their particularities

Oriental rugs are produced using two types of knots: the Ghiordes of Turkish origin and the sennehou knot from Iran. The only way to differentiate between these two kinds is to fold the rug against yourself, while looking at the base of the knot. In a Turkish rug, both ends of the thread stick out from the loop of the knot, while in the senneh, only one end sticks out, with the other lying beside it. Furthermore, while the knots of Iranian (Persian) rugs are asymmetrical, those of Turkish or Anatolian rugs are symmetrical.

In addition to these two key types, there are the KhalMohammadi, hand-knotted carpetsby Turkmens from northern Afghanistan. These are characterized by their chromatic combinations marked by dark red tones, combined with various shades.

What are the determining parameters of the quality of an oriental rug?

The offer of Oriental rugs being plethoric, it is in your interest to master the main criteria of choice, so that your investment is judicious. If you want to start buying this decorative object, know that it is your senses that must be put to use. It will not only be a question of appreciating the appearance of the carpet , but also of touching it, to judge its quality and thus ensure that it meets your expectations.

That said, one of the most important factors is none other than the colors and their combinations. As a decorative object, the Oriental rug must be aesthetic and able to integrate into the room where it is to be placed.

However, this work of art is never completely revealed at first sight. It indeed requires all your attention and interest, in order to reveal its beauty and the many nuances that make it special. As such, evaluating the quality of the wool is an essential step that should motivate your choice. This factor is all the more important as the durability of the carpet depends on it.

A good wool improves over time and, after several years, presents an antique appearance that is much appreciated by carpet collectors. To this detail, we must add their average lifespan, which goes beyond 50 years. This incurs a significant cost, which varies according to the specifics of the model. This is offset by long-term profitability.

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