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Ways to Incorporate a Scandinavian Interior Design Theme into Your Home


“Hygge,” as the Danes name it (meaning “cosiness together”), is the concept of creating a warm atmosphere while savouring life. The Scandinavian design style, known for its simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, seeks to combine functionality and beauty. Its clear and minimal approach to multifunctional and adaptable style is ideal for Singaporean condos, landed houses or HDB interior designs.

Being all about clean lines, sleek decor, light, clutter-free spaces, abundant use of wood, gorgeous elements of nature, and neutral tones, Scandinavian design is an excellent way to add a touch of elegance.

If you have decided and are willing to experiment with this Scandinavian interior design style, here are some ideas to consider when creating your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Create an Airy Ambiance

You must recognise that simplicity is found in the minutiae or their absence. In this case, creating an airy interior has a literal meaning, so you should optimise the interior’s breathing space. The essence of Scandinavian design is adorning spaces without adding unnecessary excess.

Choose intelligent, space-saving furniture and avoid cumbersome options. Choose elevated furniture with featherweight structures and designs as a starting point. In addition, strategically position each piece of furniture and give it sufficient breathing room to enhance the airiness of your home further. You would only need a few components to complete the ensemble. For optimal effect, complement the walls with neutral tones and conclude with paper lampshades.

Utilise Textiles from Natural Fibres

The primary principle of Scandinavian design is generating a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. Introducing textiles to add a variety of textures and warmth is one way to make a living space more inviting. Perhaps they are the missing link to restore the equilibrium between natural materials and hygge’s cosiness.

Choose wool, cotton, or linen with creases to accomplish the look of a Nordic interior. You can also experiment with velvet bedspreads and duvet covers, but avoid silks and satins with a high sheen. Ultimately, you’re aiming for subtle elegance. Remember to coordinate everything with the rest of your interior to create a smooth transition of textures and hues.

Install Solid Wood Floors

If you see a flat with carpet flooring, the interior design is not authentic HDB Scandinavian. This is because carpeting is rarely used as a flooring option in Scandinavian design. Instead, hardwood is favoured and is the most popular flooring option. In addition, pale hues and unadorned floorboards are commonplace in Scandinavian residences.

Complement your flooring with neutral-hued area rugs to match the concept of Nordic culture and to complete the Scandinavian style gorgeously.

Incorporate Nature

Indoor greenery plays a vital role in achieving a truly Scandinavian aesthetic. Indoor plants in the form of fresh flowers or natural plants add freshness, visual appeal, and mental health benefits to the spaces in your home.

You can contribute to the airy atmosphere of a Scandinavian design by strategically placing indoor plants throughout your home. Obviously, you should not overcrowd a small room with plants; three or four are sufficient. However, do not neglect that the primary function of the plants is to complement your home’s interior design and to fill a tiny nook or corner. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a veritable indoor forest, which frequently results in more congestion and a departure from the principles of Scandinavian design.

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