Overcoming Internet Addiction

An Effective Guide for Overcoming Internet Addiction


Internet addiction is the greatest threat to our mental and physical health in the modern era. While living in the digitalized world, we have become excessively reliant on the internet without even noticing. The time we spend either for searching information, playing online games, talking to our friends or family via social media platforms, or exploring different internet deals such as CenturyLink Internet Deals has taken a major portion of our lives.

Interestingly it is happening with each one of us these days. The race to always stay connected to the world, explore new posts or news about your favorite celebs first, streaming entertaining content before anyone else can and others are the main cause.

Moreover, the 24/7 availability of internet services and the convenience of staying connected to social media, playing online games, or accessing information have pushed us to the level of becoming internet addicts.

However, it is never too late to notice an issue and take the initiatives to bring things back to normal. The same goes for overcoming internet addiction. To make things simpler, we have come up with this complete guide for assisting you in overcoming internet addiction.

A Quick Overview of Internet Addiction

Before proceeding further, you need to have a fundamental understanding of what internet addiction is all about. First things first, for solving any issue, what we need to do first is to identify the problem. Therefore we have tried to give you a little bit of understanding first for internet addiction so you can easily figure out who in your family is the victim of it.

Internet Addiction

If you cannot stay disconnected from the internet or have the urge to keep checking on your smartphone or laptop notifications all the time even when you have no important task to do, it’s a red flag. Being online all the time can also indicate some major health issues in you such as depression, avoidance of work, procrastination, andanxiety. However, that’s not the case with everyone.

Some other causes of internet addiction include:

  • Obsessive information seeking:In this type of internet addiction, you constantly try to explore new information. Whether it is about learning the latest item, technology, or else, the obsessive engagement with the internet makes you feel tired, anxious, and stressed.
  • Net impulses:Continuous online shopping or other activities are not good for your financial well-being as well. If such activities are done occasionally like during big sales seasons or else, it is harmless. However, if you frequently indulge in impulsive shopping behaviors, then it might be harmful in the long run.
  • Compulsive online gaming:Online gamers have a compromised lifestyle because they often skip meals, continuously take late night sleep, and overlook their relationships. If you are going through the same condition, you might be an online addict.
  • Obsessive cyber relationships:If you spend a major portion of your daily life on the internet, chances are high that you will get involved in an online relationship. Once you get into this compulsion, you will get more prone to online dating confining your social skills.

Are You an Internet Addict? – The Recognizing Phase

After getting a profound understanding of internet addiction and its different forms, it is time for you to recognize who in your family or office is captive of this addiction. It is easier to recognize the above-mentioned behavior in others but when it comes to recognizing the same issue in you, things get trickier.

You can consult a therapist or any mental health counselor for observing any of these internet addictions in your family members. But if you want to recognize whether or not you are an internet addict, we have added a list of statements for you to reveal the truth.

These statements are recommended by Mental Health America.Let’s check them out!

  • I opt to stay online for prolonged hours every time until I get satisfied.
  • I often lie to people who have great importance in my life for the activities I frequently participate in or the time I spend daily over the internet.
  • I have made efforts to stop, control or reduce my daily internet use, but still haven’t made considerable success.
  • My internet routine has threatened my academic performance, my relationship with people I care about, and my job.
  • I often fail to track time while I’m on the internet.
  • When I have a feeling of anxiousness, sadness, and loneliness being online usually brought me back ingood mood or made me forget my problems.
  • I constantly keep thinking about being online. For instance, if I am unable to get online, my mind constantly recalls either what will I do the next time I will get online, or what have I done last time when I was using the internet.
  • Whenever I try to reduce the time I spend on the internet, I feel depressed or terrible.

Are any of these statements matching your suffering? If yes, then you are also an internet addict. Luckily, the situation is no longer terrifying because we have brought some tips for you to overcome this addiction.

How Can You Overcome Your Internet Addiction?

First of all, we would like to make it clear that it is not only due to your behavior towards the internet but also because of the amazing internet experience your ISP is offering you. Plenty of internet service providers out there in the United States such as CenturyLink, offer astounding internet services to their customers at reasonable price tags.

Having such an incredible ISP might have triggered you to stay online most of the time. But since it has become your addiction, it is better to fix the problem now. We have four quick fixes for your internet addiction, so check them out!

Four Tips to Fix Your Internet Addiction

  • Call your guardian or friend to limit your internet use – Ask them to observe your online activities and the amount you spend on the internet. Set boundaries with them for your daily internet usage so you can limit your online activities and get a well-prepared schedule.
  • Tuck away your smart devices – Bound yourself to stay away from your smart devices as per schedule. It is better to put such devices in a place where you cannot see them, thus you won’t think about them.
  • Pen down your thoughts in a diary – Despite writing your thoughts over social media sites, you need to write them in a journal or diary every day. You can also share whatever you have written with your therapist. It will help you to remain on track and overcome distractions.
  • Chase somephysical hobbies – Get into some real-world hobbies such as reading books, playing basketball, walking dogs, or else.

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in coping with your internet addiction. However, if you have observed this addiction in children, you can check out some security apps offered in different internet plans such as CenturyLink Internet Plans to configure internet filtering.

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