Traits of Great Coders

Revature Lists a Few Character Traits of Great Coders


Anyone desiring to become a coder is likely to wonder whether or not this profession is too difficult. People who learn coding through top tech talent development companies like Revature definitely develop solid technical skills that make it easy for them to have a thriving career as a coder. While being up-to-speed on the latest programming languages and the newest frameworks is definitely vital for coders, it is not enough. To enjoy optimal success in the field, certain soft skills and character traits are also important.

Revature highlights the traits that all successful coders have

All successful coders have a number of personal or character traits that distinguishes them and makes them better than other coders. To truly become a great coder, one must possess the following qualities that help them to stand out from the crowd.

  • Be well rounded: It is prudent to note that problems in the real world are not always solved with just a single technology. Even if a coder is hired as a specialist, they still must understand how their tech interacts with other software, network, and hardware that make up the ecosystem of the application. They must also be able to contribute to the project in varied ways, and offer assistance wherever required.
  • Love learning: Technology is constantly evolving and changing. The programming tools and languages one works with today may not be applicable in the next few years. Hence, coders must have an innate love for learning and try to always acquire new skills.
  • Good communication skills: To understand what exactly they need from an application or software, coders often have to talk to the users. They may also have to generate technical documents. Hence, having the capability to communicate properly is critical for coders.  These skills also help them to work smoothly with a software development team.
  • Confidence: There is never just a single way to build a system. No matter how good one’s ideas are, they will not have value until they are shared and explored. The best coders have confidence in their ideas, and speak up in team meetings. They do not falter in providing suggestions about shaping the application architecture. To improve their confidence level, one can always start small, and make simple suggestions instead of proposing an entire application redesign.
  • Enjoy solving puzzles: Technical knowledge is definitely vital to be a coder, and one can easily acquire such skills through Revature. However, building applications is not always a straightforward process. Trying to figure out why a code is not compiling, what is causing bugs, and how to solve production problems requires good problem solving skills. People who can solve puzzles under pressure are quite likely to become great coders.

In addition to having the traits mentioned above, coders should also be good team player. Movies often glorify solo coders, but real-world projects are team efforts. Hence, coders need to get along with their co-workers and collaborate seamlessly. They must have the patience to deal with people with varying abilities and respond to differences of opinion in a respectful manner.

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